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We’re pleased to introduce to you, a brand new project from Poland, called Dziecka (ang. Childrens – yap, if you think there’s something wrong with the name, you’re almost right but you’re wrong). sounds that came with the release are rather soft and slow but it’s hard to stay calm though. little blurry spots of ambient and noise in a background and guitar sounds that creates the vibe make this release unique.

Xedh & Imbernon

It’s just another great piece of experimental music that is mixed with noise, ambient and acustic guitar sounds. All well composed and combined by two artist based in Madrid, Spain.


Powerful, monumental wall of sound delivered by polish nihilist hnw project Vilgoc. Release contains highly epileptogenic video made by polish video artist no_signal. Enter the void.


Darkness and lonelyness, raw sounds of noise.

77indusrty about

We are a polish netlabel dedicated to industrial/ ambient/ power electronics/ noise/ experimental electronic music. All of our releases are non-profit and free to download under Creative Commons license. If you are interested in collaboration, please contact us.
We're interested in noise and power electronics.

Release Policy
The label releases albums as packages of audio and graphic files. Every package is zipped in one archive. Releases can include videos related to audio part. Label's releases are for free distribution in Internet through label's site. Albums are protected under Common Creative Licence. It all are non-profit and available for download without any limits except probable web hosting limits. The label is to release unreleased works only. It means that the albums should not be released previously on other labels with same tracklisting as well as title and graphics. The label is not responsible for further possible improper use of label releases by any person not involved in label management. Label release can be recorded on CD or CD-R for promotion purposes but not for sale.

Demo Policy
The label is dedicated to releasing industrial/ noise/ pe/ experimental only. The label will accpet your demo only if your demo recordings appear interesting. Nevertheless, we always send emial with information. Send your demo-recordings encoded by any mp3 encoder with a proper bitrate - 192kbps VBR. Please send us links to your demo-recordings zipped and uploaded on free filehosting services. When sending your demos, please don't forget to provide your contact info. A project title and e-mail are enough. Send links to uploaded demos via site contact form.

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