The term „potpourri” means a collection of popular songs and tunes or a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material used to give the air a pleasant smell. Therefore this album is a „plunderphonic ambient” experience – it contains a lot of samples from old european cabaret, opera, operetta, folk songs etc. mixed with electronic ambient backgrounds and delicate noise textures. It’s to create oneiric and surrealistic mood and it can be described as postmodern, postindustrial and postconservativ.

Lord Kula – Potpourri [LP]
release no 77.26

01.Old Fashion Man;
03.Computer Storm;
04.Non Stop;
05.Cafe Zen;
06.Merry Plunderphonics;
07.Nouvelle Ecole;
08.Ascethic Form I;
09.The White Ship;
10.Ascethic Form II;
11.Old Europa Cafe;
12.Somewhere in Europe;
14.Ascethic Form III;
16.DeKonstruktion I;
17.DeKonstruktion II;
total length: 48min 55sek