All releases listed below were issued in 2011. Spread the disease!


Vilgoć – AHAB [EP]
release no. 77.37

01. Vilgoc – AHAB [wav]
02. Nosignal – AHAB
total length: 27 min 59 sek



Powerful, monumental wall of sound delivered by polish nihilist hnw project Vilgoc. Release contains highly epileptogenic video made by polish video artist no_signal.
Enter the void.

Ironlung – Severe Pain [EP]
release no. 77.37

01. Severe Pain
02. 2nd Metro Death in 48 Hours
03. One dead, Three Injured in Sunday Morning Crash
04. A lonely death of a Victim
total length: 30min



Darkness and lonelyness, raw sounds of noise.

Mikrodepresja – Iupiter [LP]
release no. 77.36

01. In the darkness
02. Frozen sea
03. Vrack
04. Forest rain
05. Falling asleep
06. Distant places
07. Raindrops for iupiter
08. 263 lata
09. Sound of the sink
10. Sonata
11. 1v4.1
12. Line vector
13. Medicine [at iupiter]
14. Suggestions for walking alone
15. Wastelands
16. Leaving
total length: 1hour 32min



How would you feel if you woke up and found out you’re stripped of what you need most – safety.

Listening to the sounds of Iupiter is like drowning in the dark and crushing bottomless pit. Once the atmospere is oppressive and the feeling of persistent anxiety fade in the pain of sorrow and loneliness. Other time it’s like drifting over the ocean…

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