All releases listed below were issued in 2010. Spread the disease!


122100 – 12to100 [EP]
release no. 77.35

01. Intro
02. Partwater
03. Skyagent
04. Twelve2Hundred
05. Twenty4TwelveZero7
06. Dead Machines
total length: 37min



Originally album was prepared somewhere between 2007 – 2008 under „| || || | || || – music for headphoners” name and should be performed in 2008 at Placard Headphones Festival (part of Unsound Festival) in 2008. Unreleased version of album contains music composed by Mikrodepresja (responsable for guitars, digital loops, noises, cut’up’s, mix & mastering), MDN (responsable for noise walls) and Pleq (responsable for more rhythmic parts, all ambient miniatures, glitches and field recordings).

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