Pleq with his first ever release called „Intelligible” is finally available! This promising debut from Katowice creates music in idm/glitch style. Sometimes it’s paranoid and raw, sometimes stirring and spacious. His compositions are rather minimalistic and abstrct. „Intelligible” is full of nice and cracking sounds. Sparing „Talks Kill Me”, positive „Integral”, melancholic „Plastic Head”, sorrowful „Every Day Pressure”, sad „Our Hearts Die”, emotive „Sensitive Soul”, and „Intelligible” – these are my very favourite tracks. And which are yours?

Pleq – „Intelligible” [LP]
release no 77.11

1. I Can’t Sleep At Night;
2. Talks Kill Me;
3. Hackneyed Words;
4. Dull Material;
5. Integral;
6. Plastic Head;
7. Deadpan;
8. Every Day Pressure;
9. Coexistence;
10. Intelligible;
11. Our Hearts Die;
12. Sensitive Soul;
13. Bloody Murder;
14. [Hidden Track];
total length: 67min 5sek