„My Husband Became My Best Friend” – have you ever been tripping on drugs you never heard of before? Jesus is a Noise Commander creates a whole new palette of experiences by putting you right in the hub of his fucked up mind. Every sound was recorded by the artist himself (except for „Sell Me Your…” which features Borat). Take a spin and find out how Jesus masters sampling and processing. Field recordings, some straight pedal noise, all prepared and served for your pleasure. Taking a crap has never sounded so damn fine!

Jesus Is A Noise Commander – „My Husband Became My Best Friend” [EP]
release no 77.12

1.i want people to connect with my songs (intro);
2.cocaine and soap;
3.i am now a top shit player;
4.billy was born dead;
5.eat cock and fish and chips;
6.sell me your god or maybe your pets;
7.the bathroom video game;
8.no happiness in drugs;
9.this restaurant is very quiet;
10.the talking duck, piccadilly circus (outro);
total length: 32min 23sek