Great piece of infernal atmospheres mixed with a stream of truly noisy electronics, strong enough to possess You.

Ironlung vs A.D. III KAL. OCT. – Inferno [Split]
release no 77.21

01.Ironlung – The Doorway;
02.Ironlung – The Passage;
03.Ironlung – A Promise;
04.Ironlung – Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate;
05.Ironlung – The 10 Bolgias;
06.Ironlung – The Perverted Trinity;
07.A.D. III KAL.OCT. – Acheron # Between Love And Lust;
08.A.D. III KAL.OCT. – The Filthy Slime Of Styx;
09.A.D. III KAL.OCT. – The City Of Dis;
10.A.D. III KAL.OCT. – Flatterers;
11.A.D. III KAL.OCT. – Canto XX # Jovial Friars;
12.A.D. III KAL.OCT. – Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni…;
total length: 50min 08sek