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77.40 – Dziecka „Północna Korea”

We’re pleased to introduce to you, a brand new project from Poland, called Dziecka (ang. Childrens – yap, if you think there’s something wrong with the name, you’re almost right but you’re wrong). Sounds that came with the release are rather soft and slow, but it’s hard to stay calm though. Little blurry spots of ambient and noise in a background, and guitar sounds that creates the vibe, make this release unique.

77.36 – Mikrodepresja „Iupiter”

How would you feel if you woke up and found out you’re stripped of what you need most – safety.

Listening to the sounds of Iupiter is like drowning in the dark and crushing bottomless pit. Once the atmosphere is oppressive and the feeling of persistent anxiety fade in the pain of sorrow and loneliness. Other time it’s like drifting over the ocean…

77.35 – 122100 „12to100”

Twelve To Hundred is the new shining pearl in our Catalogue.

This EP was recorded between 2007/2008 and had a long and hard way from the beginning. But finally it’s done! 122100 is like a dwell of blood between different kinds. This approx. 40 minutes EP is a mix of MDN’s (Side Result) rugged and raw noise walls, Pleq’s ambient miniatures and glitches and Mikrodepresja’s guitars, digital loops and cut’up’s.

If you like melancholy, minimalism, noise and ambient – it’s all here.
And it’s beautiful.